Month: May 2017

The Antique Market

A hidden gem only open of weekends, the Hanoi antique market is teeming with nostalgic Vietnamese goods from a bygone era…  The fog was exceptionally dense and the air unreasonably chilly by Hanoi “standards” when I arrived at Alley 456 on Hoang Hoa Tham early one Saturday. A steaming hot beverage from the Lu Tra Quan tea shop situated besides the alleyway would have done wonders to warm and soothe my frigid bones, but tea was not the reason I had ventured this far into the Ba Dinh District. Instead, my destination was what lay in the dark void...

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Introducing Anita’s Cantina…A Rare Tex-Mex Restaurant Enters Hanoi

Welcome, Hanoi’s newest and one of the only Tex Mex restaurants… Hanoi’s newest addition to its sparse Tex-Mex restaurant scene is Anita’s Cantina, overlooking a small area of Westlake on the quiet street of Quang Ba. Opened five months ago, Anita’s Cantina is restaurant owner and Austin, Texas, native Javier Rodriguez’s ode to his hometown’s speciality of Tex-Mex and traditional Mexican cuisine. Having created many successful pop-ups throughout Hanoi in the last few years, Anita’s Cantina is Javier’s first venture into an actual restaurant. The atmosphere inside feels much like an outdoor patio and is open and relaxed. Even...

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