Month: July 2017

The Ultimate Survival Guide To Ordering Dim Sum In Hong Kong

A Chinese breakfast/lunch tradition that dates back almost 200 years. Dim Sum (Yum Cha) is a must for Hong Kong tourists, foodies and locals alike… Served right from the bamboo steamer baskets they were cooked in. Dim sum is mostly made up of bite-sized portions, served in groups of three or four. There are many high-end dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong, but for me, much like enjoying a slice of pizza in New York, hot dogs (street meat) in Toronto or a bowl of pho in Hanoi, a traditional dim sum lunch should be quick and dirty. The...

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A Peaceful Stay At The Hue Ecolodge Retreat

As if the historic city of Hue, Vietnam wasn’t tranquil enough. For our final night in the imperial city we decided to find an even quieter sanctuary for some much-needed relaxation after spending a week running through central Vietnam… The Hue Ecolodge seemed to fit the bill. Lured by images of their giant swimming pool and green jungle, the lodge sits in a peaceful area some 7km away from Hue’s city centre. Upon entering the estate, we were greeted with fields of pomelo trees…the low hanging fruit dangling temptingly on the branches. I asked if they were allowed to...

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Top 5 Vietnamese Street Food Dishes You Must Try In Hoi An

It’s arguable that Vietnam culture is divided into three distinct areas, the north, the centre and the south. None makes this more apparent than observing the country’s cuisine… Take for example the bare-bones pho served in Hanoi is vastly different than the sweeter and heavily garnished bowls served in Saigon. The same can be said about middle Vietnam. From Hue City’s imperial cuisine, which at one time was made exclusively for Vietnamese royalty to Hoi An’s everlasting ability to preserve generations of cooking traditions still to this day. Central Vietnam thrives on its own distinct food options, which it...

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