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Dave Grohl Likes To Play – An Interview With The Foo Fighter’s Frontman

Dave Grohl Likes To Play… HAI VU originally published in 2007 for Gasoline Magazine The main Foo Fighter on his mellower new sound, selling out arenas, and how his music helped save two trapped Australian miners. From Scream to Nirvana, to a brief stint in Queens of the Stone Age and a thrash metal side project called Probot, Dave Grohl has done his fair share to shape the sound of rock and roll we hear on the radio today… Declared the “nicest guy in rock and roll” by many sources, Grohl has managed to bring heavy music to the...

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From Craft To Draft – A Look At The Changing Beer Culture In Vietnam

FROM CRAFT TO DRAFT A country of beer drinkers, Vietnam has had a long love affair with bia hoi. With the local beer market going through a sea change, how does this affect that most quintessential of Vietnamese drinks? Vietnamese beer culture is about to get even more interesting. With the announcement that the two largest state-run beverage companies, Hanoi’s Habeco (Hanoi Alcohol Beer and Beverage Corporation) and Ho Chi Minh City’s Sabeco, will be selling off the majority of their market shares, a series of multinational breweries, among them Carlsberg, Heineken and Anheuser-Busch are lining up to stake...

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How Is A Vinyl Record Made?

How Is A Vinyl Record Made? Moving away from the bits and bytes of digital formats, such as MP3’s and CD’s. The vinyl record is making a comeback, Bringing with it the deep tones of pure analog. Before the next time you put the needle to the groove, here is a better understanding on how a vinyl record is produced… This article may be a little different than the traditional travel features from this site, but a change of pace seems only fitting for a story about music. On a recent trip back to my hometown of Toronto, my...

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The Art Of Phu Quoc Fish Sauce…What Makes It So Special?

The Art Of Phu Quoc Fish Sauce…What Makes It So Special? When it comes to Asian cuisine, there’s no escaping fish sauce. Used in countless dishes throughout all parts of Asia. Vietnam, China, Thailand, Korea, Japan and Cambodia all have their own particular brands of fish sauce. It is arguable, however that the Phu Quoc variety is the most renowned…so what makes it so special? The Vietnamese take their fish sauce very seriously. A staple of the country’s cuisine, fish sauce is to Vietnam what olive oil is to Italy. The subtly sweet amber-coloured anchovy extract should be as...

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The Commercialization of Sapa

The Commercialization of Sapa Anyone who has travelled to Sapa will be familiar with the onslaught of women and children dressed in traditional ethnic minority outfits ready to sell their ‘handmade’ souvenirs. Speaking English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian and even Italian in order to sell their souvenirs, anywhere tourists flock, aggressive hawkers are bound to follow… With the influx of tourists coming to Sapa, the territory has become saturated with foreign influences. Head into town, and any real estate boasting the views of the rice terraces has all but been snatched up by foreign hotel, bar and restaurant owners....

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