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How Is A Vinyl Record Made?

How Is A Vinyl Record Made? Moving away from the bits and bytes of digital formats, such as MP3’s and CD’s. The vinyl record is making a comeback, Bringing with it the deep tones of pure analog. Before the next time you put the needle to the groove, here is a better understanding on how a vinyl record is produced… This article may be a little different than the traditional travel features from this site, but a change of pace seems only fitting for a story about music. On a recent trip back to my hometown of Toronto, my...

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The Momofuku Shōtō Tasting Menu…So What Does The $550 Meal Look Like?

In a city such as Toronto — with its ever-changing tastes — it is becoming increasingly difficult for fine-dining restaurants to stay relevant… Celebrity chefs such as Susur Lee, Jamie Oliver and Mark McEwan, among others are all vying for spaces to showcase their next ground-breaking restaurants. Momofuku restaurant founder David Chang has already made a lasting impact since opening his first Toronto Momofuku restaurant in 2012. Back then it was nearly impossible to make a reservation. Months-long wait times were required. Things have since calmed down as Toronto diners now choose more casual dining options, but there were...

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