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A Traveller’s Guide To The Nerd Malls Of Hong Kong

Marvel, Star Wars, Transformers, Playstation, Xbox, Apple, iPhone, Galaxy S’s, Nvidia…if any of these names pique any kind of interest for you, then Hong Kong is definitely a mecca that will satisfy any of your geeky hobbies… Let it be known that I also love everything on this list…be it video games, superhero movies or the overwhelming urge to get your hands on the latest in hi-tech gear, every time I am in Hong Kong, I find myself running to the malls dedicated to all my hobbies. Mongkok and its surrounding areas on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong...

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It’s Official! Everything Is Delicious At The Joy Hing Roasted Meat Restaurant

There are literally hundreds of BBQ restaurants vying for your stomach’s attention in Hong Kong. Each having the aroma of roasted duck, goose and pork radiating through the windows, as they are lined-up blissfully in a row. With a choice of so many BBQ restaurants, how is it possible to find which one is the absolute best of the best? Oh! That’s easy…Joy Hing Roasted Meat, of course… If you have ever spent more than a minute in Hong Kong, then the sight of hanging meat in a restaurant window should be as commonplace as seeing a hamburger at...

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The Ultimate Survival Guide To Ordering Dim Sum In Hong Kong

A Chinese breakfast/lunch tradition that dates back almost 200 years. Dim Sum (Yum Cha) is a must for Hong Kong tourists, foodies and locals alike… Served right from the bamboo steamer baskets they were cooked in. Dim sum is mostly made up of bite-sized portions, served in groups of three or four. There are many high-end dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong, but for me, much like enjoying a slice of pizza in New York, hot dogs (street meat) in Toronto or a bowl of pho in Hanoi, a traditional dim sum lunch should be quick and dirty. The...

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