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From Craft To Draft – A Look At The Changing Beer Culture In Vietnam

FROM CRAFT TO DRAFT A country of beer drinkers, Vietnam has had a long love affair with bia hoi. With the local beer market going through a sea change, how does this affect that most quintessential of Vietnamese drinks? Vietnamese beer culture is about to get even more interesting. With the announcement that the two largest state-run beverage companies, Hanoi’s Habeco (Hanoi Alcohol Beer and Beverage Corporation) and Ho Chi Minh City’s Sabeco, will be selling off the majority of their market shares, a series of multinational breweries, among them Carlsberg, Heineken and Anheuser-Busch are lining up to stake...

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Vietnam – A Country United By Football

A COUNTRY IN CELEBRATION A nation united by a love for their country and football… On Tuesday January 23rd 2018, Vietnam gained a glorious win over Qatar at the AFC U23 Football Championships in Changzhou, China…moving Vietnam to the finals against Uzbekistan. A proud, patriotic and passionate football loving nation, this historic achievement was the first of its kind in Vietnamese history. The entire country, in solidarity erupted in...

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What The Pho? Hanoi Bartender Creates The “Pho” Cocktail

Have you ever gotten drunk off a bowl of pho? I’m not speaking in some metaphorical “it was so good, I felt some kind of euphoria” kind of way. I mean literally drunk… Well ok, maybe I’m not talking about the traditional bowl noodles and soup—in a sense—but there is a cocktail that is becoming quite popular around the Hanoi bar circuit that comes pretty damn close. Mixologist Pham Tien Tiep invented the “Pho” Cocktail back in 2012, as his entry to the Diageo World Class competition. He took home the “Best Bartender in Vietnam” award for his efforts...

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Above Westlake, Hanoi

Hanoi is known as a city of lakes. Here are just a few of them from above… Read More: The Rice Fields of Ha Giang, Vietnam Read More: Hanoi in Motion Don’t forget to follow us on...

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