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Review – The Aira Boutique Hotel In Sapa

Review – The Aira Boutique Hotel & Spa Within the last decade, Sapa has gone through quite a significant change. Now struggling to keep the region’s authenticity, Sapa’s minority and enthnic cultures are quickly being overrun by outside influences and sources of entertainment… Nightclubs, restaurants and chain cafés have begun to sprout along the main road. Yet, for many of the local villagers, they still rely heavily on water buffalos and manual labour to plow fields and fires to cook their dinners in the far-off mountainside. For those that are seeking a truer experience of Sapa’s ethnic minority’s way...

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Review – The Hotel Resol Kyoto Kawaramachi Sanjo

The Hotel Resol Kyoto Located in the heart of Kyoto’s commercial district, the Hotel Resol Kawaramachi Sanjo is a sleek and stylishly modern hotel. Yet, despite its minimalistic approach, it still manages to hold on to its traditional Japanese aesthetic and sensibilities. A 6-minute walk from Sanjo Station and 8-minutes to the Nishiki Market, The Resol is located near Gion Corner, as well as the bars along the Kamo River. A night’s stay in a double twin bed room will run you approximately JP¥12000 ($110USD) on www.agoda.com. Breakfast is not included. An excellent self-serve coffee/cappuccino is located in the hotel lounge....

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The Momofuku Shōtō Tasting Menu…So What Does The $550 Meal Look Like?

In a city such as Toronto — with its ever-changing tastes — it is becoming increasingly difficult for fine-dining restaurants to stay relevant… Celebrity chefs such as Susur Lee, Jamie Oliver and Mark McEwan, among others are all vying for spaces to showcase their next ground-breaking restaurants. Momofuku restaurant founder David Chang has already made a lasting impact since opening his first Toronto Momofuku restaurant in 2012. Back then it was nearly impossible to make a reservation. Months-long wait times were required. Things have since calmed down as Toronto diners now choose more casual dining options, but there were...

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What The Pho? Hanoi Bartender Creates The “Pho” Cocktail

Have you ever gotten drunk off a bowl of pho? I’m not speaking in some metaphorical “it was so good, I felt some kind of euphoria” kind of way. I mean literally drunk… Well ok, maybe I’m not talking about the traditional bowl noodles and soup—in a sense—but there is a cocktail that is becoming quite popular around the Hanoi bar circuit that comes pretty damn close. Mixologist Pham Tien Tiep invented the “Pho” Cocktail back in 2012, as his entry to the Diageo World Class competition. He took home the “Best Bartender in Vietnam” award for his efforts...

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It’s Official! Everything Is Delicious At The Joy Hing Roasted Meat Restaurant

There are literally hundreds of BBQ restaurants vying for your stomach’s attention in Hong Kong. Each having the aroma of roasted duck, goose and pork radiating through the windows, as they are lined-up blissfully in a row. With a choice of so many BBQ restaurants, how is it possible to find which one is the absolute best of the best? Oh! That’s easy…Joy Hing Roasted Meat, of course… If you have ever spent more than a minute in Hong Kong, then the sight of hanging meat in a restaurant window should be as commonplace as seeing a hamburger at...

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