Phu Quoc Island is an absolute dream for those seeking adventure by motorbike. Venturing off the beaten path is where the true essence of the island is revealed. With its vast acres of tropical jungles and white sand beaches, there are many incredible spots to watch Phu Quoc’s stunning sunrises and sunsets. But the locations listed below are particularly breathtaking…

Between the months of November and April are the best times to visit what the Vietnamese have fondly dubbed the “Pearl Island”. At 574 km2 the island is relatively small. A journey from end to end by motorbike can be done in just over an hour. Factor in atleast 30-45 minutes of travel time to get to your destination, depending on where your hotel is.

The locations listed on this Top 5 take into account more than merely having just a clear view of the rise and fall of the sun. We also factored in the beauty of the scenery which surrounds it. Take note that the sun rises promptly at 5:20am and sets close to 6:30pm…lets begin.

Watch The Sunrise…

Bai Sao Beach

Bai Sao is by far the most famous of Phu Quoc’s many incredible beaches.

So is it also a stroke of luck that it also happens to come with one of the island’s most stunning sunrises?

As the sun moves farther away from the horizon, its morning rays float over the expanse of the crystal blue water.

Each color that emanates from the sky is equally matched by the reflection of the water below.

As the day begins to dawn, the normally busy beach still lays barren. Only the tranquil sounds of the calming sea and birds can be heard, which is occasionally interrupted by the barks of a mischievous Phu Quoc dogs, which play along the shore.

As the day begins, you are now in the perfect location to rent a boat to snorkel the coral reefs of the smaller inlet of islands a short distance to the south.

Or you can simply stay put and lounge on Bai Sao’s lovely powdery white sand beach, swimming in its crystal-clear waters, and enjoying a seafood lunch at the local restaurant along its shore.

Ben Tau, Ham Ninh

Located on the eastern coast, a twenty-minute motorbike ride from central Duong Dong lies the fishing village of Ham Ninh.

Although the village itself is quiet and unassuming, it is the area’s peculiar bridge which draws tourists and photographers alike.

The bridge, which runs through the center of the village creates a perfect symmetry. While the emerging sun, directly above is perfectly calculated and hardly accidental.

Each element, both man-made and natural combine to creating a vista that photographers can only dream of capturing.

Standing upon the bridge, you will bear witness to just how strikingly perfect the composition truly is. The beauty of Ham Ninh only intensifies as the radiating colors shift from red to orange.

As the sun ventures over the horizon, the rays reflect across the surrounding water, creating a mirror-like duality, as if the sky and water has become one.

The illusion gives you a sense that the world is upside-down. Ham Ninh is an absolutely stunning spot for you to begin your day.

Watch The Sunset…

Hon Mot/Cau Khi, Bai Thom

For those with an acute sense of adventure, Hon Mot is one of the more unique locals to watch the island’s sunsets. Reminiscent of long protruding fingers, the rickety bridges stretch as far as the eye can see.

It is unclear where some of these bridges were supposed to lead, since many of them just end abruptly without warning.

Crossing the narrow bridge is an experience unto itself, as many of the trickier parts are barely manageable on two feet.

The bridges themselves seem like hastily tied together fragments of wooden planks and branches. The only solace is to try and grab a hold of the wooden branches that pose as handrails.

If you do manage to brave what can best be described as walking a wooden tightrope, you will feel at one with the water, the sky and the sunset.

The barely-there bridge gives you an overwhelming sense of floating on air. A truly distinctive way to spend the Phu Quoc nightfall.

Rach Vem

A much safer alternative to the bridges of Hon Mot…Rach Vem is a small fishing village on the northern coast of the island. About a 40-minutes motorbike ride from Duong Dong, this quaint little community consists of shacks interconnected by a series of long outreaching bridges.

Although the wooden bridges here are sturdy enough, the width is barely enough for two people to walk side-by-side.

Paying no mind to the risks, the locals of Rach Vem ride their motorbikes across the bridges as the children play along its edges with careless abandon.

At sundown, the water in the distance stretches to infinity. The horizon is only broken by far-off fishing vessels and outlying mountains.

Tones of yellow, red, orange and purple dance along the sky while the children follow suit. The sunset here is truly a feast for the eyes.

It should also be noted that some of the most reasonably priced seafood on the island can be purchased here.

Rory’s Beach Bar

Who says that a sunset can only be witnessed in peace and serenity? Why not have music and a cocktail in-hand while bidding goodbye to the day?

If this sounds more to your liking then Rory’s Beach Bar (118/10 Trần Hưng Đạo) is a perfect spot for you.

With the bar’s open concept and unobstructed view of the beach, the magnificent hues of Phu Quoc’s sky are further magnified by the whimsical colours of Rory’s beach furniture.

After the sun bids goodbye, the night comes to life, and you just happen to already be at the best night spots on the island.

On occasion, Rory himself comes to welcome the night by lighting a bonfire on the beach.

Rory’s Beach Bar is one of the few spots that manages to combine the beauty of Phu Quoc’s sunset with the beat of the island’s nightlife and compared to many other bars on the island, Rory’s is open quite late.

No matter where you choose to begin your days or end your nights, the options given here are only the tip of what Phu Quoc has to offer. There is a certain joy to venturing out to discover and explore new locations for yourself. Which is one of the charms of Phu Quoc…an entire island at your disposal, waiting to be explored.

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