There are literally hundreds of BBQ restaurants vying for your stomach’s attention in Hong Kong. Each having the aroma of roasted duck, goose and pork radiating through the windows, as they are lined-up blissfully in a row. With a choice of so many BBQ restaurants, how is it possible to find which one is the absolute best of the best?

Oh! That’s easy…Joy Hing Roasted Meat, of course…

If you have ever spent more than a minute in Hong Kong, then the sight of hanging meat in a restaurant window should be as commonplace as seeing a hamburger at McDonald’s.

These eateries are a perfect spot for a quick and cheap meal. But just because the service is quick does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. As plentiful as these restaurants are, there is one that stands above the rest, Joy Hing Roasted Meat wins hands down.

This incredibly busy food stall dedicates only a small space for those wanting to dine-in, but on any given day you’ll see a cashier sitting outside as large crowds gather all-day long, waiting to take the delicious meats to go.

Located between Wan Chai and Causeway Bay station, Joy Hing was one of the recipients of the prestigious Bib Gourmand Award in 2016, a prize granted by the Hong Kong Michelin Guide to restaurants that offer a quality three-course menu for no more than a maximum of $300HKD per person.

Awards aside, the food here is incredible…

Joy Hing specializes in a variety of poultry and pork dishes, being best known for their roasted goose. The meat is chopped within seconds and then laid over white rice or placed on a separate plate. You have a choice of roasted goose, roasted pork, roasted duck, BBQ pork (char siu) or steamed chicken marinated in soy sauce. A sample plate of three kinds of meat will cost you $180HKD, while one meat served over rice costs about $30HKD.

The menu choices may be minimal, but the dishes served have been perfected by a generation of Joy Hing chefs. The motto here seems to be “if you only do one thing, then do it the best you can for the rest of your life.”

Joy Hing’s BBQ pork (char siu) voted the best BBQ pork in Hong Kong by

Be warned this is not a place for the health conscience…or better yet, perhaps this is the perfect place for a cheat day. The succulent BBQ goose’s radiant seared-brown skin is delicately held together by a thin layer of juicy fat. You can choose how fatty you would like your meat served, but don’t even think about throwing the fatty bits away…you’ll be losing the best part. Putting reason aside, it is best to eat everything whole and only leaving bones in your wake.

Each selected dish is accompanied by their special dipping sauces. The steamed chicken is dipped in an aromatic sauce made by pouring hot oil over scallions and ginger, while the savory goose is complimented perfectly with a thick sweet and sour sauce.

Roasted goose and chicken has never been so good.

The Joy Hing Roasted Meat restaurant’s history dates back over a century. Having gone through several name and location changes, the newest establishment moved to their current location at 265-267 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai back in the 80s.

They are open from 9:30am to 10pm Monday to Saturday. Closing their doors only on Sundays, much like everything else in Hong Kong.

If you find yourself in Hong Kong, do yourself a favour and sacrifice a bit of your time waiting for a table.

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